Amanda Cate

Amanda - senior photos 1Amanda Cate was born into a christian family who would bring her to church every Sunday. One Sunday, when she was very little, the teacher had the class pray to become followers of Jesus. She did pray but did not know exactly what exactly that entailed. During school she started comparing herself to others. Slowly she became depressed. She would be angry with herself if she did not do everything exactly perfect down to even singing slightly off pitch in choir. Finally someone told her that there was no way she could be perfect but they didn’t stop there. They told her that God sent his son Jesus down from heaven. He lived a perfect life without doing anything wrong. Then he was killed like a common criminal and then came back from the dead. They told her that his death makes it possible that all humans can have their wrong doings forgiven and never have to worry about that again. Now she loves talking about how God changed her life to other people and cannot keep it to herself.

Beyond that she loves pink, blue, dancing around her room to classical music, Japanese culture, the Japanese language, Japanese food, playing piano, singing, writing, reading, watching Sherlock and My Little Pony, and most of all her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.