Wonderful Webcomics

I enjoy reading, and many of you do too. While I do like to read books often I have happened to find some great webcomics that I really like as well. I don’t know how I stumbled across these but they are great.

Three Minute Max

This story is genius. This story has enough action to excite, and enough comedy to make it somewhat lighthearted.

The story goes like this. Max Reaper, the main character, was in the army for a period of time, but before the story begins he has left the army. One day he goes to the bank and an armed robber came in. He tried to fight him off but in the process the armed man killed the woman he had just met. The owner of the bank gets in contact with him because of the special ability he has. Max can stop and restart his heart beating for a short time without any damage coming to him. He then becomes the only person to use the strike gate. The strike gate is a teleporting device with one issue, it cannot teleport a creature’s spirit causing everything living thing that is teleported with it to die when it reaches the other side, but it can teleport things that are dead. Max becomes the hero Countdown. He teleports into situations, stays and helps for three minutes and then comes back.

This story is so much fun, due in part to the characters. Of all the different characters in this comic my favorite would have to be Marissa Catalina. She is absolutely hilarious. She creates comedy by doing everything from wearing a random star wars costume to making snappy jokes. Overall this story has tons of action and is very fun.


This web comic is about exactly what the name suggests, a stupid fox. This is so funny and it doesn’t even use words. The artist is incredibly creative in making posts of four pictures that tie together and setup for a super cute punch line.


What would happen, in a comedic story, if a girl got powers like spiderman? This web comic. This comic takes a comedic approach to the classic superhero story. Full of wonderful heros, evil villans, and unexpected comedy this story will leave you smiling. I absolutely love it.

Awkward Zombie

I like and know about video games. Normally I don’t play many, but I have friends that do. I love this web comic because it is perfect for people who like video games. Every post is a stand alone short comic parodying some video game. The artist has done comic about everything from Legend of Zelda to Dead Space, Professor Layton and Pokemon. Every comic is wonderful.

Thank you guys for reading today. In a couple of weeks I will hopefully have a new book review up, so that will be great. Also, what is your favorite web comic? Please respond below. Thank you again.


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