New Realms Magazine

Hey, guys. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was gone for an entire month and then just didn’t get around to it so, sorry. In other news, though, back in May I submitted a short story of mine to New Realms Magazine and just last month it was published! I am really excited. This is the first time I have ever been published. You can buy a copy of the magazine here ==> [New Realm Vol.3 No. 9] for only four dollars! Plus you get a bunch of other great stories too!
Now just a little bit of information about the story. It is called “Of Mystery and Magic.” Brick and Davis are friends who are going home for spring break from the University of Washington when they come across a woman on the side of the road. Brick wants to help her and manages to start driving her to where she wants to go before he realizes the danger he put himself into by helping her. The story has a dose of magic, fun, drama and some comedy (hopefully). I really hope you guys enjoy it!


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